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Bill Payment FAQs


Q1.) Why, when I click on Bill Payment, do I receive the error message “Invalid Address Line”?

A1.) To avoid this error, click on Setting>Online Profile and examine the two address lines. Remove any character that isn't a number, letter, space or dash (# and / are typically the culprits).

Q2.) I logged on to Online Banking for the first time, and tried to enroll in Bill Payment. When I clicked on Bill Payment, I received the error message “An unknown error has occurred”.

A2.) Try logging off and then logging back on again, or clicking on Setting>Online Profile and then clicking the Submit button without making any changes.

Q3.) I only have savings accounts. Can I enroll in Bill Payment?

A3.)No. The Bill Payment service issues drafts on your account like a check, so you need a checking account. A savings account won’t work for Bill Payment.

Q4.) I only see one of my accounts on bill payment. How do I get my other one listed?

A4.) Click on Settings>Manage Bill Pay. Select the account you wish to add, and click "Enroll in Bill Pay".

Q5.) Why can't I select tomorrow as a pay date?

A5.) Personal Online Bill Pay works on a Payment Date-based model, where you choose the date when you want the biller to receive the payment. Personal Online Bill Pay may be able to pay the biller electronically, or it may have to issue a paper check – so the time it takes to deliver the payment may vary. Personal Online Bill Pay will not allow you to enter a Payment Date sooner than it can make the payment. The lead time for most payments is 1 – 4 days.

Q6.) I scheduled a recurring payment to be made on the 30th of the month. The 30th of the month was a Saturday, and my account was charged on the 29th.

A6.) We want to make sure your payment will arrive by the date you specified. To keep your payment from being late, it will adjust the payment date to the business day prior to the scheduled date if that date is a non-business day. (This is the opposite of recurring online banking funds transfers!)

Q7.) Oops! I just made a payment by mistake. Can I cancel it?

A7.) Yes, you can – if the transfer appears under the "Pending" section with a Cancel link below it.  If not, you will need to call us to see if we can stop the item. There is no guarantee that even we can stop an item that is processed.

Q8.) I called Bill Pay Support, and they won’t speak to me. They tell me I'm not on the account.

A8.) You may have the wrong SSN or birth date listed – or you may be calling about a spouse’s account. Bill Pay Support has to verify this information and if anything is incorrect, they won’t process the request. We can complete a Subscriber Change Form to correct both of these issues.