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Moolah Fan Page  

Humanitarian, Financial Wizard, Philanthropist, Recording Artist, Performer-First State Bank of the Florida Keys’ “Moolah the Manatee” is a sea cow of many titles. Born in the warm Key West waters, Moolah has been with the FSB family since 1955.
With Moolah’s good nature, performer like presence, lovable rubenesque shape, big blue eyes and batting eyelashes, Moolah thrills young and old alike on the merits of saving and community spirit while promoting a “Go Green” message at schools, fundraisers, hospitals and related community activities.

Moolah the Manatee Q & A 

Q: How did you acquire the name “Moolah?”
MM: I became the face of the Bank’s in its promotion and extensive network of Keyswide ATMs as the First State Bank “Cash Cow”TM and ultimately earned the nickname Moolah (as in cash). I really like my name and the kids absolutely love it…I guess you can say the name has “paid off.”
Q: First State Bank of the Florida Keys is 57 years old and remains the only locally owned and headquartered bank exclusively serving the Keys. What kind of pressure does it place on you to be the mascot for such a strong tradition in the Florida Keys?
MM:Longevity is in my genes. My ancestors have inhabited the Keys for million of years. It gives me
a great deal of pride to represent a bank with a real and proven commitment to the community where we work, live and play. But pressure? Come on! Dodging speeding boats and finding fresh water is pressure.
Q. As a famous Manatee, do you feel like you are a role model?
MM: Yes and First State Bank’s “Green” projects like my new “Go Green” music video and energy efficient branches are just a few ways we lead by example. There really aren’t too many of us manatees in the spotlight. I just try to stay true to First State Bank of the Florida Keys traditions of honesty, integrity and service, and don’t get caught up in all the fame and hype.  
Q. What do you hope your legacy will be?
MM: Everyone knows First State Bank played a pivotal role in sinking the Vandenberg, creating one the world’s largest artificial reefs off of Key West and helping grow our local economy while improving the ecology, and I hope to continue that tradition of inspiring others to Go Green!
Q.  How well do you relate with your fellow team members at First State Bank of the Florida Keys?
MM: Other than the fact I cannot survive below 60 degrees, I’m just a regular team mate. I strive to give superior customer service, I go the extra mile for anyone in need and I pride myself on being an expert in my field. More than anything, I love attending community events. Kids can never get enough of Moolah, which is what I love most about the job. However, I do tend to move a little slow at times and I eat a lot of lollipops behind the teller line.   
Q. What is life for you like outside of First State Bank?
MM: First State Bank prides itself on actively supporting the Keys community through volunteering whenever and wherever we can help. I do a lot of charity work and community events, so I’m really never “off  the clock,” but, I try to raise awareness for protecting the Manatees and going green whenever I can. 
Q. What was the inspiration for your most recent “Go Green” music video?
MM: Saving our planet, keeping our waters clean and recognizing that manatees are still an endangered species inspires me.
Q. Do you have any shout outs or plugs?
MMThe success of the going green music video could not have been possible without the outstanding support of my First State Bank of the Florida Keys family, the Key West High School students at the school’s Conch 5 Studios video production department and my world wide fans.
Q. Where can we find more information about Moolah the Manatee?
MM: You can Like Me on FaceBook, catch my video @ or find me at First State Bank of the Florida Keys!

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