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Save Our Keys... Green Tips!
Green Tip # 1Get Tax Breaks for Going Green...
Green Tip # 2 Save Money-Get A Free Energy Audit!Call:
Keys Energy Services at 305-295-1081 -or
Florida Keys Electric Co-Op at 305-852-2431
Green Tip #3 Save 4% on Your Electric Bill... Adjust Your Thermostat by 1° Degree.
Green Tip #4 Save $482.00 & Reduce CO EmissionsDrive a Car that gets 35 mpg vs 25 mpg!
Green Tip #5 Save $50 on Your Electric Bill...Lower Hot Water Temp. by 25° Degrees.
Green Tip #6 Save $1,430 annually!CarPool with a friend.
Green Tip #7 Save $30 for Each Light You Change!Replace 60-watt Incandescents Today
with 13-watt Energy Ef f icient CFLs.
Green Tip #8Save up to 30% on electric bills. Set the fridge at 37° & freezer at 3°.
Green Tip #9 Make Friends, Save Money-
Car Pool with - Sign Up FREE
Green Tip #10 Reduce Speed By 10 MPHSave 5 Miles Per Gallon
Green Tip #11Toilet Leak Can Waste 50 Gallons of Water a Day!Save $130 Annually. Fix a Leaking Toilet.
Green Tip #12 Save 15% on AC energy costs.Plant a shade tree.
Green Tip #13Save 2% on your electric bill. Change the A/C filter monthly.
Green Tip #14Save Energy & $100 annually. Hang your clothes to dry.
Green Tip #5Save $100 on your Energy bill. Install a programmable thermostat.
Green Tip #16 Save $100 on your water bill. Install a low-flow showerhead.
Green Tip #17Use a First State Bank Green Bag.Eliminate 22,000 plastic bags from the Keys in your lifetime.

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