Our new Online and Mobile Banking provides fantastic new features, greater control, and a user-friendly design, allowing you to manage your accounts 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to bank from your desktop, laptop, tablet or from your phone using our convenient mobile app, you'll have options for making deposits, transferring funds, paying friends or bills, monitoring your cards and budget, or simply checking your balances.


We are excited to offer many new and enhanced features within our Online and Mobile Banking experience including: 

  • Zelle®  -  A fast way to send money to people you know and trust*
  • Mobile Fast Balances  - Check your balance without logging in*
  • Loan Pay Now Link  -  Direct access to pay from home screen
  • Integrated Debit Card Management  -  Set limits and alerts, turn cards on/off, and more
  • Business Bill Pay  -  Existing payees and payments will carry over*
  • Enhanced Account Alerts  -  Quick and Advance alert options*
  • Text Banking  -  New text number 97426*

*New set-up and acceptance required at launch.  


We know you love them, so we made sure these favorites returned or improved!

  • Mobile Deposit  -  Now with upgraded camera functionality
  • Personal Bill Pay  -  Payees, e-bills and scheduled payments will be available
  • E-Statements  -  18 months of statements will be available
  • Quicken® and QuickBooks® Access  -  Web Connect and Express Web Connect1
  • Internal and Bank to Bank Transfers  -  Now with transfers to other FSB customers
  • Balance, History and Transaction Data  -  18 months of data will be available
  • Cash Management  -  ACH, Wire, and External Transfer data will be be available

PLUS - Stop Payments, Check Reorders, Profile Updates, Secure Messaging and More.

1. Conversion steps required for reconnection, please see Conversion Guides below for complete instructions and timelines including extended downtimes for Express Web Connect.


Existing Online and Mobile Banking customers will go through a converted user login process to access the new system. The login process can be completed using a browser on desktop, laptop, or tablet or using the KeysBank app on iPhone® or Android® mobile device.

For browser users:

  • If you had the Online Banking login bookmarked or saved, you will need to update the link 

For mobile app users:

Once you are in, follow the Converted User Initial Login Instructions below:

  1. Enter your existing UserID and password (or the last password you can remember).  Click Log In.  (If you don't remember your UserID because you used biometrics such as Remember Me, face or fingerprint recognition, please contact us at 305-296-8535.)
  2. Enter your existing User ID and Email address or SSN. Click Submit.
  3. Choose to receive your confirmation code via text message or phone call, select the phone number to be messaged or called. Click Send me a text message or Call my phone.
  4. Enter the confirmation code received via text message or phone call. Click Submit.  
  5. Create your new password using 8-64 characters including an upper case letter, lowercase letter, number and special character. Click Register. 
  6. Read the New Security Features. Click Continue. 
  7. Select your security questions and enter your secret answers. Click Continue.
  8. Review your questions and answers. Click Submit. 
  9. Read the Digital Banking Services Banking Agreement. Click I Accept the Terms Of this Agreement.
  10. Enjoy our new Online and Mobile Banking experience!


To ensure the best Online and Mobile Banking experience, be sure you are using one of the following supported browsers prior to launch on March 22. 

Operating System

Supported Browsers
(Current Stable Version)

Allowed Browsers
(Current Stable Version)

Windows 10 Edge - Chrome - Firefox  
Windows 7 Internet Explorer - Chrome - Firefox  
MAC OS X 10.11 Safari 9.x - Chrome   
MAC OS X 10.10   Safari 8.x - Chrome


If you currently utilize Quicken® or QuickBooks® within Online Banking today, you will continue to be able to utilize Web Connect and Express Web Connect with our new Online Banking system, however there are steps that you will need to take to ensure your connection is converted as well. 

Please use the links below to see what steps need to be taken to ensure your data transfers continue without interruption. 


Text Banking will still be available, you will just need to re-enroll your phone to connect to the new service - it's really simple!

After completing your Converted User Initial Login (outlined above), simply:

1. Go to: Profile Tab - Text Banking - Register Phone Number
2. Enter and re-enter your phone number. Accept the terms and privacy policy. Click Add.
3. Update your Text Banking contact to 97426. 

Bal <acct nickname> = Balance
Hist <acct nickname> = Last 5 Transactions
More = Next 5 Transactions
Trans = Transfer
Nick = Nicknames
Help = Commands


Alerts have been expanded within our New Online Banking experience, so you will need to enroll in any alerts you would like to receive on and after March 22.

After completing your Converted User Initial Login (outlined above), simply:

1. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts
2. Choose either Quick Alerts or Advance Alerts (outlined below) 
Alert Type Alert Options Set-Up

Quick Alerts

Daily Balance Alert
Loan Due Alert
Maturity Alert
Card Alert
1. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts - Quick Alerts 
2. Select an Alert Type. Click Add Alert.
3. Complete steps to set up alert. Click Submit. 

Advanced Alerts

Address was changed
Account balance above threshold
Account balance below threshold
Card transaction over threshold amount
Check number XXXX cleared
Credit transaction was posted
Debit transaction was posted
Deposit was credited to an account
EFT authorized hold added
Electronic draft deducted over threshold amount
Email address was changed
Escrow payment was posted
Fee was charged to an account
Incoming transfer over threshold amount
Initial deposit was posted to Time Deposit account
Interest was paid to an account
Loan advance was posted
Name was changed
Outgoing transfer over threshold amount
Payment was posted to a loan
Phone number was changed
Stop payment was placed on account
Transfer failed
Withdrawal over threshold amount occurred
1. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts - Advanced Alerts
2. Select Manage Recipients to view, edit or add a phone or email address to receive alerts.
3. Use arrow in upper left to return to previous page
4. Select Manage Alerts - Add Alert
5. Select desired alert and complete steps to set up alert. Click Submit.