Stay in the know! With our Quick and Advanced Alerts available within Online and Mobile Banking, you can receive text or email alerts to let you know when practically anything happens in your account. We want to help you keep your account safe, and staying informed is one of the best ways to do just that!

Setting up Alerts is easy!  

1. Login to Online Banking above or on the KeysBank Mobile app
2. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts
3. Choose either Quick Alerts or Advance Alerts (outlined below) 

Alert Type Alert Options Set-Up

Quick Alerts

- Daily Balance Alert
- Loan Due Alert
- Maturity Alert
- Card Alert
1. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts - Quick Alerts 
2. Select an Alert Type. Click Add Alert.
3. Complete steps to set up alert. Click Add Alert. 

Advanced Alerts

- Address was changed
- Account balance above threshold
- Account balance below threshold
- Bank Updates
- Card transaction over threshold amount
- Check number XXXX cleared
- Credit transaction was posted
- Debit transaction was posted
- Deposit was credited to an account
- EFT authorized hold added
- Electronic draft deducted over threshold amount
- Email address was changed
- Escrow payment was posted
- Fee was charged to an account
- Incoming transfer over threshold amount
- Interest was paid to an account
- Loan advance was posted
- Name was changed
- Outgoing transfer over threshold amount
- Payment was posted to a loan
- Phone number was changed
- Stop payment was placed on account
- Transfer failed
- Withdrawal over threshold amount occurred

1. Go to: Profile Tab - Alerts - Advanced Alerts
2. Select Manage Recipients to view, edit or add a phone or email address to receive alerts.
3. Use arrow in upper left to return to previous page
4. Select Manage Alerts - Add Alert
5. Select desired alert and complete steps to set up alert. Click Submit. 




Q1.) When are alerts delivered?

A1.) After a transaction has been processed, you’ll receive a secure message and/or email, text, or phone alert. You can select a specific time each day to receive your daily balance Quick Alert.

Q2.) Do I get alerts in real-time?

A2.) Debit Card Alerts are real-time alerts for PIN and signature transactions performed with your debit card and provide the opportunity to manage, track and report specific types of transactions and quickly detect unauthorized activity.  Other alerts are triggered at processing time each day and other alerts can be set up for a specific time of day.

Q3.) What if I don't receive an email alert?

A3.) Check your Junk or Spam email folder first. If your alert is delivered as junk mail, configure your junk or spam mail settings to allow email from our email address.  If you did not find it, please log in to your Online Banking account. Go to Profile > Alerts > Quick Alerts/Activity for a list of email alerts sent. If there is not an alert in your online secure mailbox, it was not sent. Confirm that the alert is enabled Profile > Alerts > Manage Alerts and Recipients. If you still believe you did not receive an alert, please contact us at 305-296-8535

NOTE: Email and text, alerts are a convenience and you should not use them to manage critical account details or appointments. Receipt of each Alert may be delayed, or prevented by factor(s) affecting your Internet service provider, and such other relevant entities. We neither guarantee the delivery nor the accuracy of the contents of any Alert.  

Q4.) I created a debit card alert and now I want to modify it.  

A4.) There are several alert options for debit card management, however, existing debit card alerts must be deleted before any changes are made. Debit card alerts are created Debit Cards > Set Alerts > Card Alert.  If you not see your debit card in the drop down menu, this means that you may already have an alert subscription for that card, and this will need to be deleted before any changes are made. Go to  Profile > Alerts > Quick Alerts/Activity. Under the section Quick Alerts, you will see a list of your Quick Alerts and a pencil or trash icon next to each alert. Delete the current debit card alert by clicking on the trash icon. Now you can go back to Debit Cards > Set Alerts > Card Alert  and you will be able to set up a new alerts.

Q5.) Why do I see my child’s or my spouse's debit card?

A5). Debit Cards on related accounts (Primary and Secondary relationships) will be available for enrollment in debit card management.