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Bank to Bank Transfers FAQs

We’ve put together a list of handy FAQs to help you start. And don’t forget, if you’re still having trouble, you can always call 305-293-6805, or email us with any questions.


Q1.) What are Bank to Bank Transfers?

A1.) Bank to Bank or External Transfers allow you to transfer funds between your First State Bank account and an account you own at another financial institution. These transfers are sometimes referred to as Account to Account Transfers.

Q2.) How do I set up a Bank to Bank Transfer?

A2.) Login to Online/Mobile Banking then:

  • Go to the Menu and select Transfers
  • Select Add External Account
  • Choose the account type (Checking or Savings)
  • Enter the routing number and account number of external account
  • Click Submit

Questions about transfers or account-specific inquiries, please call your Customer Service Representatives at 305-296-8535 or 1-866-298-1858 at or visit us at

Q3.) How long does it take to set up the first transfer?

A3.) You will need to wait up to two business days and confirm the dollar amount of two test deposits in the external account to verify that you own the account. Once you have those deposit amounts, log back in to Online/Mobile Banking and go to Transfers.  Entering the correct test deposit amounts will result in a successful message.  You may then complete your external transfer.

Q4.) How long does it take to make a transfer?

A4.) The transfer date is the date that the money is withdrawn from the "from" account. Transfers may take up to three business days to complete.

The calendar shows the earliest available date you can make a transfer.

Q5.) What are account transfer limits and how are they set?

A5.) The default transfer limits are set to $2,500 per transaction, $5,000 per day, and $10,000 per month. If you try to transfer an amount that is higher than your limits, a message informs you that the transfer amount is over your limit. Your available funds for transfer are shown in the "From” section when you want to set up a transfer. Please contact your Customer Service Representatives at 305-296-8535 or 1-866-298-1858 to request a higher limit. 

Q6.) How much does it cost to make a Bank to Bank Transfer?

A6.) As the Keys’ hometown bank we have weathered many storms in our 60+ years here. We know first-hand the severe impact this storm has had on our customers, friends, and neighbors, so in addition to getting back open to serve your cash, account and loan needs, we’re here to help by temporarily waiving any fees for this service.

Q7.) Can I set up recurring transfers?

A7.) Yes! Simply click “make this a recurring transaction” after entering an amount and before selecting a date. Your funds will automatically transfer until you decide to cancel it. We recommend that all recurring transactions be set up for the date AFTER you expect routine deposits. This will ensure the deposit is processed before the recurring transaction attempt to withdraw funds.

Q8.) Quick Facts About Recurring Transfer Schedules:

A8.) You need to make three decisions that determine the frequency and duration of the transfers:

  • When do you want to schedule the first transfer?
  • How often do you want to transfer the money?
  • When do you want to stop scheduling the transfers?

When you set up a transfer schedule, the transfers are automatically scheduled for the duration you choose or until you cancel the recurring transfer.

Q9.) Are Bank to Bank transfers available on Mobile Banking?

A9.) Yes! This service may be accessed via your traditional Online Banking or through our App using the same Funds Transfer menu option (Menu>Transactions>Funds Transfer).

Q10.) What accounts can I make transfers from?

A10.) Any checking or savings* account that is available to you in your First State Bank of the Florida Keys online/mobile banking can be used to initiate a Bank to Bank transfer.

* Withdrawal fees are imposed after exceeding the Reg D limit of 6 per statement cycle on savings accounts only.