Fraud Alerts

Letting you know when something doesn't seem quite right. At First State Bank, we want to ensure that using your debit card is always as safe and convenient as possible. That's why we provide all customers with free* alerts as part of our ongoing fraud monitoring program!

With First State Bank Fraud Alerts, if our system detects questionable activity on your debit card, you'll receive a text message, phone call or letter with details about the suspected transaction. All you have to do is respond to confirm or deny the transaction is yours. If you reply the transaction is fraudulent, you'll receive instructions on what to do next. If you reply it's legitimate, you're done - simple as that!

We’ve put together a list of handy FAQs to help answer questions regarding our Debit Card Fraud Alerts. And of course, you can always call us at 305-296-8535 or email us with any questions.

Who receives debit card fraud alerts?

All First State Bank debit card holders are automatically enrolled in our free* fraud alerts service.  

How will I be contacted?

If your cell phone number is on file, we will first attempt to contact you via text. If you do not respond to the text, do not have a cell phone, or opt-out of text alerts we will attempt to call you. If no response is received from the text or phone call, we will mail you a letter. Text and phone calls are made between the hours of 8am - 9pm. 

Please note your debit card may be resticted if you do not respond, so it is important to respond as soon as you receive the message.

How can I ensure my cell phone number is on file to receive the text messages?

Adding or verifying your cell phone number is easy, simply visit any of our 11 Keyswide branches or give us a call at 305-296-8535.  

How can I identify the fraud alert text message?

The text will identify First State Bank, the last four digits of your card number, the place of the suspected transaction, and the amount for you to confirm or deny.

Is there a charge for the service?

No. First State Bank does not charge a fee to any customer for our fraud alert services.*

What if I do not wish to receive text alerts?

Text alerts are the fastest way for us to reach you, however if you do not wish to receive text alerts simply reply STOP if you receive a text alert or contact us at 305-296-8535 and we will remove the service from your account.

*Standard data, phone, and messaging rates apply.