Treasury Management Services

Your business is our business. We love helping companies of all sizes succeed – and that means we’ve developed a whole portfolio of Treasury Management Services to give your business an edge. Credit card processing services, remote deposit, payroll, fraud protection – it’s all part of our mission to keep you running.


More and more of your customers are shopping with debit and credit cards. That means you need  a cost-effective, efficient merchant card processing system, with no glitches or surprises.

First State Bank understands that successful card processing is integral to a successful business. And we’re committed to providing you with the features, benefits, service and convenience you can only get from a local banking partner.

We have the tools you need to manage your business. Our credit and debit card processing options include phone, wireless terminals, virtual terminals and personal computers. Whichever processing method you choose, we’ll use it to save you money. We’ll capture, authorize, transmit, settle and fund your credit/debit transactions, eliminating account reconciliation problems. And we’ll personally customize your card processing service to meet your specific business needs and maximize your revenue. 


  • Integrated Card Reporting & Settlement
  • One Statement (one deposit for all card types including American Express)
  • Next Day Funding
  • Mobile & Virtual Solutions
  • Electronic Cash Registers & Computer Interface
  • Personalized Local Service
  • Secure Signature & PIN Based Processing
  • E-Check & Gift Card Processing
  • Electronic Capture & Voice Authorization
  • EBT Processing
  • Internet Access to Bankcard Data
  • All Major Hardware Brands
  • Breach Insurance
  • PCI Compliance Programs

Our systems are online 24/7, because we care about your business as much as we care about ours. Contact us here to get started.


Speed, efficiency, and security? Check, check, and check. Our remote deposit capture service allows you to deposit business and personal checks right from your office. Scan, deposit, and receive same-day processing for all checks received by 4 pm on business days. Cut back on bank trips and eliminate late-night deposits. It’s easy to use, and includes free local service support.

Contact us here to get started with our remote deposit capture services today.


Take care of business even when you’re not there. First State Bank’s ACH services handle routine banking details for you, freeing you up to take a business trip or focus on more important tasks. Direct Deposit gives your employees safer, faster access to their funds, eliminating issues with lost or stolen payroll checks. And Direct Debit pulls funds from your checking account to automatically pay your bills – reducing delinquencies, mailing costs and returned check fees.

Go ahead – relax and take a break. Our ACH services will make sure your employees and your bills will still get paid.


Protect your account, no matter what happens. With check and ACH fraud on the rise, you need peace of mind. Our Positive Pay product gives you the protection you need, by monitoring your account for fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. Positive Pay tracks account activity – including paid items, voided items, and stop payments – and compares specified debit items posted to the Bank’s system against a master list of items you provide. When your transaction information gets uploaded prior to processing, you have more control. And more peace of mind.

Are you sure your account is safe? It’s better to be positive. View Demo.

Learn more about Positive Pay